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Performance Force and Torque Tests

Continuous improvement through testing and measurement is the norm in the automotive and motorsports industries as improvements in performance, reliability, handling and comfort are demanded by drives on both the road and race track. Dynamometer designers and manufacturers know the load cell is the key measurement component, so have been choosing Interface force and torque transducers for their engine, chassis and suspension dynamometers for many years.

It doesn’t matter what type of device is being tested, gearbox, electric motor, pump, engine or shock absorber, we‘ll be able to supply a suitable force or torque transducer.  We’ll welcome your call on 01344 776666 to discuss your requirements

The are many different types of dynamometers with as many different methods of applying load to the load cell in order to measure the force or torque being produced. For this reason Dyno manufacturers such as Roehrig choose the Interface SSM /SSM2 sealed S-beam for their products.  Available in capacities from 200 newtons  to 50kN, the SSM range offer reliable, repeatable, accurate measurement from a environmentally sealed load cell at a cost effective price

Another of our load cells  that is a popular fitment to many different types of dynamometer is the 1200  Precision series.  These low profile style load cells are available in larger capacities than the SSM , they  also offer  a  4mV/V output , higher than is typical  for competitor s products.  The 1200 series is a popular, cost effective choice when superior performance characteristics  and accuracy are required. 

For tests that require a dynamic or rotary torque and RPM measurement, the HRDT is a favourable direct torque measurement solution.  The HRDT is an in-line, high resolution, digital , contactless torque transducer. The HRDT’s bearing-less, wireless, compact design that offers the test engineer suitable data collection for motor performance analysis as well as brake HP calculations  






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