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1200 Flange Series

1200 Flange Series

1200 Flange

  • Standard flange design mounts directly to cylinders
  • Performance to 0.05%
  • Low deflection
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • Tension and Compression

The 1200 series Flange load cells build upon the performance of the 1200 series Precision and 1000 series Fatigues units with the introduction of a flange style mounting for loading fixtures. The flange style coupling permits easy attachment directly to acutator rods without the tightening issues associated with single large thread arrangements. Alternatively custom attachments can be used where large rod-end bearings are required to reduce the height of load strings.

  • Warranted performance to 0.05%FS
  • 7 capacities from 50kN to 1500kN (30klbf to 330Klbf)
  • High output to 2.2mV/V for high resolution
  • Moment compensation for enhanced insensitivity to extraneous loads
  • Excellent temperature characteristics
  • Low deflection
  • Individual multi-point calibration certificate traceable to National (NIST) Standards

Select range universal 50kN to 330kN (30klbf to 330Klbf). Select to open pdf format data sheet in new window.

  • Multiple independent bridge outputs
  • PC04E-10-6P Connector
  • Standardised output
  • Connector Protection
  • See TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • Mating connector
  • Instrumentation
  • Load cell.
  • Connector output versions supplied with mating part(s)
  • NIST traceable multi-point calibration certificate

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