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1600 Gold Standard

1600 Gold Standard

Calibration Grade Load Cell

  • 0.005% Nonrepeatability
  • 0.01% Creep
  • Hgh output - to 4mV/V
  • 3 run NIST traceable ASTM E74 Calibration
  • 4% lower load limit
  • Optional ISO376 calibration 
  • Universal or Compression only options 

The 1600 Gold Standard series is a calibration grade Low Profile load cell that offers improved accuracy of performance and temperature characteristics. Additional gauges help improve the performance and the locked-in calibration adaptor removes uncertainty of thread engagement which with a stiff flexure could otherwise cause poor non-repeatability at lower applied forces.

Every unit is supplied with a NIST traceable ASTM E74 or the option of a ISO376 calibration. Both calibrations include traceable 3-run calibration certificate that includes graphical plots and calculations of figures for polynomial fit equation. The calibration starts from just 4% of capacity 


  • Warranted performance to 0.02%
  • Warranted non-repeatability to +/- 0.005% or better
  • 9 capacities from 2.2kN to 900kN (500lbf to 200Klbf) High output to 4.0 mV/V for highest resolution.
  • Fitted with locked-in calibration adaptor
  • Moment compensation for enhanced insensitivity to extraneous load.
  • Excellent temperature characteristics
  • Low deflection
  • Individual 3-run multi-point calibration certificate traceable to National Standards


  • Multiple independent bridge outputs
  • Special fittings
  • Integral cable or choice of connector(s) Mechanical adaptations
  • Standardised output
  • A2LA accredited calibration
  • ID Chip or TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • ISO/ASTM or MILSPEC calibration
  • Special thread sizes
  • Display electronics or data acquisition
  • Load cell with fitted base and locked-in calibration adaptor
  • Connector output versions supplied with mating part(s)
  • NIST traceable, ASTM E74 or ISO376 calibration certificate with plots and calculations

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