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1700 Flange Series

1700 Flange Series

1700 Flange Load Cell

  • Standard flange designs mounts directly to cylinders
  • Performance to 0.05%
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • Low deflection
  • Tension and Compression

The 1700 series is a compact range designed for maximum flexibility of coupling to actuators. The attachment of load fixings can use either the central threaded fixing or the flange type ring and both methods have the advantage of alignment surfaces to ensure concentricity. The small physical size permits operation in applications where space is restricted and as can be expected from Interface products the performance is excellent.

  • Warranted performance to 0.03% F/S.
  • Standard Flange design mounts directy to cylinders.
  • Output to 2mV/V for high resolution.
  • Safe overload to ±300%.
  • Tension and Compression

  • Integral 10ft cable.
  • Bayonet Connector.
  • Multiple independent bridges

Load cell supplied with mating connector and standard NIST traceable multi-point calibration certificate.

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