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2816 Multi-Axis

2816 Multi-Axis

Flange style multi-axis load cell

  • Measures load & torque
  • Minimal crosstalk
  • Extraneous load resistance
  • Fatigue rated
  • Higher Capacity than 1216

The 2816 is the high capacity version of the 1216/1516 for measuring Axial load and Torsion with minimum crosstalk. This unit provides high outputs on both outputs making it very suitable for cyclic applications with large numbers of cycles. The flange style coupling provides a robust method of load attachment and ease of alignment in complex loading systems.

Custom versions have been produced with outputs for Thrust (Z), X-Moment, Y-Moment and Torsion (T) for specialised applications e.g. testing of composite components.

Available Downloads

  • Measures load and torque.
  • Minimal crosstalk.
  • Extraneous load resistance.
  • Fatigue rated


Available Downloads


  • Single / Dual connector

  • Connector protector(s)

  • X & Y moment outputs

  • 2816 Load Cell
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Mating connector

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