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3200 Stainless Steel Standard

3200  Stainless Steel Standard

3200 Stainless Steel Load Cell

  • All Stainless steel construction
  • Hermatically sealed
  • Compact size
  • High 4mV/V resolution
  • Low deflection

The 3200 series load cells are comparable in performance to the 1200 series Precision units but offer improved corrosion resistance and the option of hermetic sealing for use in outdoor environments. Every unit has a high signal output of 4mV/V for best resolution and performance.

  • Stainless Steel, hermetically sealed construction.
  • Warranted performance to ±0.05 F/S for highest resolution.
  • Output to 4mV/V.
  • Safe overload to ±150%.
  • Tension and Compression

  • Base (recommended).
  • Submersable cable.
  • Cable length (20ft Standard).
  • Multiple bridge
  • Standardized Output
  • Supplied with mating connector.
  • Standard NIST traceable multi-point calibration certificate

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