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3A, 3 Axis Load Cell

3A, 3 Axis Load Cell

3 Axis Load Cell

  • 3 Axis  with independent bridges for Fx, Fy and Fz
  • Calibration ranges from 10N to 500kN
  • 1mV/V output
  • Five different physical sizes
  • Temperature compensated

The Interface A3, 3 axis load cell measures force simultaneously in three mutually perpendicular axes: X, Y and Z.  This makes it ideal for many industrial and scientific applications, such as robotics, aerospace, automotive, biomechanical and medical research

Each axis supplies an output of 1mV/V and does not require mathematical manipulation. The A3 load cell is built to minimize eccentric loading and cross talk between channels.

The A3 is available in a wide range of capacities from just 10Ns and in five different physical sizes. However, if the standard range does not meet your needs we are happy to work with you on a custom design 

  • Temperature compensated 
  • Compact size


Specifications are model dependent, please download the product data sheet for complete details 

Dimensions are model dependent, please down load the product data sheet for comprehensive details

  • 37-way D-type (M) connector fitted to integral cable, option "-D11"
  • BSC4-USB 4-channel USB-powered instrumentation amplifier with USB output and PC software
  • BSC4-VMA 4-channel instrumentation amplifier with +/- 10V and 4-20mA output


  • 3A Multi Axis load cell
  • Traceable calibration certificate

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