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9330 Portable Data Logger

9330 Portable Data Logger

Hi-Speed, Data Logger and Display

  • Portable, high speed data capture
  • 24 bit force or torque data capture
  • Data logging to SD card at 1000Hz
  • Rechargeable battery, 300Hr standby
  • Stores up to 6 sensor calibrations
  • Update rate of 3,750Hz

The 9330 is a portable digital display and data logger capable of a 3750 Hz update rate at 24 bit resolution. Data can be saved to SD card at 1000Hz and can be exported to a PC via USB with Windows compatible software.

The 9330 can power up to 4 x350 ohm sensors with the calibration files of up to six being stored. The rechargeable battery offers a 300 hour stand by time with up to 20 hours continuous use.  

The 9330 is a true, portable, high speed data logger and display for force tranducers, load cells and torque transducers 

  • +/- 5V analogue output
  • USB port and Windows software supplied for data export
  • Up to 20 hours continuous use on a single charge
  • Powers up to  4x 350 ohm sensors 

  • 9330 Data Logger / Display
  • SD Card 
  • Windows compatible data logging software

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