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SSMF Fatigue Rated

SSMF Fatigue Rated

Fatigue Rated, Sealed S-Beam

  • Fatigue Rated Load Cell
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Capacities from 100N to 10kN
  • Proprietary Interface strain gauges
  • Temperature compensated  


The Interface SSMF is an environmentally sealed S-Beam load cell

It is fatigue rated to 1 x107 fully revered cycles, it also  which features proprietary, temperature compensated Interface strain gages for best possible performance

Available Downloads

  • .02% Non-repeatability
  • 0.01515%/°C temperature effect on output
  • Available in capacities from 100N to 10kN
  • Tension and compression

Available Downloads


  • Choice of integral 10ft cable with pigtails, screw or Bayonet connector
  • Standardized output
  • Range of digital indicators
  • Choice of analog and digital signal amplifiers
  • SSMF load cell
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate


  • Prices from £370, Educational establishment and volume discounts available. Please contact us on or call 01344 776666 for your personal quotation.

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