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BSC8, 8 channel digital Amp

BSC8,  8 channel digital Amp

Eight Channel Signal Amplifier

  • 8 Channel Amplifier
  • Auto load & torque calculations
  • 200k Sampling rate
  • USB connection to PC
  • Inc. Graphing & Logging software

The BSC8 is a multi channel, digital signal amplifier which is the perfect partner to the Interface 6A, six axis force and torque transducer. It can also be used with other multi axis or single axis load cells.

The BSC8 offers a 200k sampling rate with output via USB to a PC.  The BSC8 is supplied complete with windows compatible graphing and logging software, making this the complete package. 

Available Downloads

  • NI Lab View Compatible 
  • Tare via button or software 
  • +/- 5V analogue output of raw data

Available Downloads

  • Length 75mm
  • Width 38mm
  • Height 45mm

The BSC8 is the perfect signal amplifier for the Interface 6A multi axis transducer. 


  • BSC8 Digital, 8 channel signal amplifier 

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