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DTD, Down Hole

DTD, Down Hole

Down Hole Tension Load Cell

  • Replaces a wet load cell
  • Eliminates above ground load cells
  • Through Hole or dead ended design
  • Internal pressure compensated
  • User defined specifcations

The DTD is a tension load cell is designed to measure the down hole tension on any equipment at the end of the wire line. 

The DTD is compensated to negate the effects of both high pressure and temperatures found in the down hole environment. It replaces the need for a short life span wet load cell or the delays associated with the use of above ground load cells. 

Available Downloads

  •  Pressure compensated as high as 35Kpsi, temperature    compensated to 500F / 285 deg C
  • Internal pressure compensation eliminates the requirement for a pressure vessel
  • Accuracy to 0.5% full scale
  • Through hole or dead end design
  • NACE compliant material available 

Available Downloads

Shape, size and dimensions, mating connectors and sealing are user defind. Please contact us for details 

  • DTD Downhole Tension Load Cell

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