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Hydrogen compatible sensors are a crucial component in industries and applications where the detection and monitoring of hydrogen gas or liquid is paramount. These specialised sensors are designed to operate safely and reliably in environments where hydrogen may be present, such as hydrogen fuel cells, chemical production, and gas storage facilities. They play a vital role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and the prevention of potentially hazardous situations by providing real-time data on hydrogen gas or liquid pressure  levels.

Our range covers operating temperatures from -40°C down to -253°C, ideal for measurement in a wide range of environments.


Liquid H2 pressure sensor

Suitable for -253°C – GP:50 311

The GP:50 311 is a hazardous duty transducer, for the measurement of liquid hydrogen pressure at -253°C, the main applications being transport and storage.

  • Tested by NASA to -269°C, the temperature of liquid helium.
  • 18-inch stainless steel armoured cable to separate the sensor’s electronics from the actual pressure sensing element that will be exposed to the extreme temperatures of liquid hydrogen.
  • Zero and span adjustment pots.


Liquid H2 pressure sensor compatible

Suitable for -253°C – GP:50 7720

The GP:50 7720H2 is a cryogenic pressure transducer, offering consistent measurement accuracy in temperatures as low as -253°C.

Key Features:

  • Cryogenic service down to -423 °F (-253 °C) process
  • Operating temperature to +100 °F (+37.7 °C)
  • Remote electronics via stainless armored flex cable
  • Zero and span adjustment
  • Pressure ranges 0-300psi (20.6 BAR)
  • Proof pressure 0-600psi (41 bar)
  • Nitronic 50 wetted parts
  • 6 point Calibration at -320 °F (-196 °C)
  • ATEX / IEC approvals

Applications: Liquid Helium, Liquid Hydrogen processing, transportation, dispensing & storage




H2 pressure sensor

Suitable for -40°C – DDM PV-22H2 Series


DDM’s hydrogen use pressure sensors PV-22H2 series have been extensively tested with various compositions of hydrogen, oxygen, water and vapour. Used for measuring the pressure of hydrogen gas at -40°C, as hydrogen has to be in its gaseous state before it can be burned in an internal combustion or turbine engine. The PC-22H2 sensor’s wetted parts are manufactured from Nitronic 50, a stainless steel alloy. This is a nitrogen-strengthened austenitic stainless steel that has properties combining excellent strength, ductility, toughness, corrosion resistance and fabricability.


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